Siapa Kami

across the globe, we are united in our dedication to children’s rights


Ainna Fisabilla

Co Founder & CEO

Ainna is 21 years old girl who recently study at Nursing Faculty Universitas Indonesia. First time she done community service when she was at high school. Since then she fell in love to do social activity. Since 2013 she join Ayo Dongeng Indonesia community as a volunteer story teller. She has a big passion on storytelling and child. Formerly she leads Istana Belajar Anak Banten on south tangerang chapter as well as her leadership experience. Now she initiating a Emcekaqu Project to eradicate open defecation in remote area of Banten. She believes that eradicate open defecation could improve people's quality of life especially children, because 36 children per 1000 birth died because of diarrhea.

Linda Erlina

Co Founder & Public Relations

Linda is master degree graduated from Universitas Indonesia. She has passion on research for increasing health quality in Indonesia. Emcekaqu is her second community development activity. She joined this project to know more about health problem in Indonesia so she would give a real impact through her research.

Khaula Nur Aliya

Funding Manager

Khaula is an active volunteer teacher on Rumah Belajar management care Unit FPPI FIK UI. Every Sunday she teach children from kindergarten to 6th grade. Not just become a volunteer, she also trusted as treasurer on that department. Back then, she got a short course from Sinergitas Indonesia about business model and community development.

Elfira Rusiana

Designer Manager

Elfira has a very big passion on design, thus she recruited as media staff on Nursing first aid FIK UI and FPPI FIK UI. Her jobs are make publication, video making, poster design and so on. Now a day design skill is very needed to develop the project, so Elfira recruited as team member to work together, spread the kindness through design and media.

M. Ade Putra

Marketing Manager

Putra is 19 years old boy whose studying at nursing faculty of universitas indonesia. He built his awareness about society since he was an intern on special needs school on south tangerang, Banten. He learnt about entrepreneurship since 2014 and recently he got a fast course about business model canvas from Kinara Indonesia.