Kami bekerjasama dengan mereka

These are the heroes with the passion to transform their communities


Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

NAMA Foundation

NAMA Foundation is an international grant provider envisioned to become the Pioneer in Grants for Sustainable Development. Empowerment of education sector and empowerment of the capacity building of civil society, focusing on youth development and volunteerism. On the first step, EMCEKAQU was granted by NAMA Foundation on community leaders program.

Brussels | Belgium

— Young Water Solutions

Young Water Solutions is an international non profit organization aiming to develop and support the potential of young people to contribute to universal water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and water resources management. Our Co-Founder become it fellow and join the training program about water and sanitation in Brussels, Belgium.

Jeddah | Saudi Arabia

— Community Leaders

Community Leaders program : A program initiated by NAMA Foundation for youth below 30 years old to developed a cadre of specialist Social Entrepreneurs and Volunteers. Our Co-Founder become it fellow since 2016 until 2017.


— Tinju Tinja

 The Tinju Tinja Program is run by UNICEF to educate and invite the public to discuss the issue of open defecation in Indonesia. Through the Tinju Tinja Program Action, Indonesians are free to participate in their own ways and styles, spreading the facts around the BABS issue, and contributing through positive creations as a form of support to our brothers and sisters throughout Indonesia in achieving a open defecation free of Indonesia.