Book by Our Co-Founder

one of the co-founders of the Emcekaqu Sehat Berdaya foundation released her first book. This book is about her journey during pregnancy and also the loss of her first child. This book is not directly related to what she is doing at Emcekaqu, however, from the very beginning she built Emcekaqu, she wanted to provide a better world for children with good and proper sanitation.

The moment of losing a child for our Co-Founder made her even more convinced that children are the main goal of Emcekaqu Sehat Berdaya Foundation to provide the best service for their future. Even though it has been off for almost two years due to several reasons and also the COVID 19 pandemic, Emcekaqu still has big dreams for Indonesian sanitation, especially for Indonesian children.

You can download the book her and make a journey about pregnancy and loss with her book, below.

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