Customized manufacturer—–accuracy can reach 0.005mm

Dear Sir,

We are a custom manufacturer, producing all kinds of mechanical parts based on technical drawings or samples. We have perfect ability in manufacturing various types of structural parts made of metal, like aluminum parts, aluminum alloy parts, steel parts, stainless steel parts, brass parts, copper parts, and so on. And we aslo have the ability in machining a variety of plastic parts, such as ABS, PC, HDPE, PVC, PP, POM, PU, PET, PE, PA, PMMA(clear acrylic), PEEK, COP, Foam, bakelite, etc.

The precision of machined components we can achieve: holes—0.005mm, axis—0.005mm, center distance—0.01mm.

Email your 3D CAD data to us(STEP and PDF format is preferred), a custom quote will be presented in 24 hours or less.

Thank you.

Best regards

Nicole Lee

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