Educate children through storytelling

After all this time, we realized that our team’s passion is children! Every time we meet children it feels like we’ve got a huge energy to share! Also, we’ve identified that giving information through storytelling is one of the most effective methods.

Last month we visited Kutakarang 3 elementary school to do storytelling in every class. We brought pictures related to open defecation so that children can easily visualize the story. The pictures are presented one at a time in the process of storytelling, describing their river which is used for washing, swimming, but also defecating. Some of the kids were startled when they realized just how polluted their river is.
We enjoyed answering questions from the students on open defecation. We also conducted a little test at the end to measure the children’s knowledge on the information that we just talked about. It Feels very right to do intervention through children because we do believe that sanitation has to be taught from the very beginning age. We really hope that these children can be the next agent of change.

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