Participatory Rural Appraisal on children


From January 27th to the second of February the Emcekaqu team went to Kutakarang village to do a participatory rural appraisal as part of our assessment. This is the second assessment, wherein the first the data collected was insufficient.

We’re delighted that now we focus on children to be our respondent in our assessment. Taking a different approach than adults, we have to be creative in the process, using a game as our assessment. It was very challenging for us because it’s something that we’ve never done before.
Turns out, it was a fun and exciting experience, not to mention an honest answers from the kids. We utilized the data from this assessment as our baseline for intervening the society in the future. FGD also took place to teach them about teamwork and validate the data from before.
We’re so excited to see them again next month!

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