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EMCEKAQU is a pre-social enterprise that focus on eradicating open defecation in remote area of Banten, Indonesia.

EMCEKAQU is a social enterprise that focuses on eradicating open defecation in a remote area of Cinibung Village, Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia. We do community led total sanitation (CLTS) approach to stop open defecation behaviour and trigger the wish for latrines. 

Our goal is to declare open defecation free for Cinibung for improving their quality of life. Ranggibite (Rice crispy chips) is our business solution to improve their low economic conditions. This product will be sold outside the village and half of the profit will be saved to build the latrine.



— We do community led total sanitation

We would increase the awareness and knowledge of community. First, we are doing through school because we believe that good habit shall start from the very beginning age. Student will know more about sanitation thus they will change their behavior slowly and not doing open defecation. We address through first because we believe children could be a social agent of change for their own family and make the whole family not doing the open defecation.


— We do Economy empowerment

Economic empowerment is done to alleviate the burden of the community in building latrines. This empowerment is also intended to enable the public to have a toilet independently and to improve the sense of belonging of the latrine.


— We do collaboration

We collaborate with nurse and midwife to do hygiene promotion throughout the village. We also do a collaboration with local NGO or other NGO that has a same concern as us.


We try to eradicate open defecation problem in Indonesia. Indonesia has 51 million people who have still done open defecation. it impacted to community health, especially children. 

Diarrhea and stunting are the most common thing happened in Indonesia. diarrhea is number one killer of children under 5 age. Stunting also, effects to 37% Indonesia children. To be specific, we focus on one area first, which is Banten

Banten is the nearest province from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, but there are 2.329.295 people who don’t have access to basic sanitation which is water and latrine. Our pilot project focus on one village name Kutakarang village on Pandeglang Banten. We found 127 from 129 households don’t have any latrine, there.


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